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Guangdong Dongfang Precision Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the worlds leading suppliers of equipment and services for corrugated packaging industries. The Flexo printer division of Dongfang Precision was established in 1996, with headquarter in Foshan City, China, occupied 120,000 square meters modern facilities integrated comprehensive function of design,research and development, production, sales and service.

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Product Center

Dongfang Precision Printer has successfully introduced the forefront of industry product design and development concept. All plans of product development are based on the requirement of customers and market to create an intelligent printing system.

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Technology research and development

Currently there are two R&D centers for DongFang printer section, one in Guangdong Province of China, whiles the other in Bologna of Italy. Efforts will be continuously put in global R&D platform development in order to optimize innovative resources and lay a solid foundation for enterprise innovation.

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Section Introduction

Dongfang Precision Printer has always been adhering to the marketing concept of “customer first, honest & faithful”, and has made a long term business goals —— “Create Superior Product for Customers, Create Value for Society, Create Career for Employee, Create Glory for Enterprise” under the guidance of this marketing concept.

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With the solid base of integration of intelligent packaging industrial chain, Dongfang Precision is facilitating a full scope of intelligent logistics industrial chain and leading the intelligent transformation of Chinese industry towards “Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing”, to eventually achieve its strategic vision of “Intelligent Packaging, Intelligent Plant, Intelligent Manufacturing Solution Provider”.transformation, and finally realizes the solution of "intelligent packaging", "intelligent factory" and "intelligent manufacturing".

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Whether you want to do information inquiry, problem solving, or make any suggestions for our service, you can contact us in many ways. We will try our best to be at your service.

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Fighting against COVID-19 , we are in action!

Release time:2020-03-16

After the outbreak of Coronavirus in late January, all people engaged in the battle against COVID-19. In the face of the tough ongoing epidemic, Dongfang Precision fulfilled their social responsibility and made great effort to minimize the impact. Our company implemented strict policies and ensured resumption of work in good order.

Various concrete measures taken against COVID-19 battle 

The epidemic prevention and control were on top priority. Since the outbreak of corona virus, our company followed the guidelines of central and local governments closely, and set up The Committee for Epidemic Prevention and Control. The CEO Ms.Annie and Vice President Mr.Xie were in charge of the committee and made the action plan such as purchase of anti-virus materials, circulation of personal hygiene, daily disinfection, and etc. to take the prevention and control responsibility.

At the first beginning of epidemic outbreak, Dongfang Precison took immediate action to raise anti-virus medical materials. The oversea subsidiary companies bought medical materials from local market and dispatched them to China head-quarter. The Committee sought to open more doors in purchase of masks, body thermometers, disinfectants, protective suits for employers, and ensured the prevention and control of epidemic were carried out smoothly.

Company takes simultaneously multiple measures from every aspect to knit a safety net in preventing. With full effort to secure the health and safety of the employers, we strengthen the public antiviral education, made regular disinfection by searching every corner, put the bins for recycling the medical wastes, brew some antiviral herbal tea for drinking and launch body temperature screening.

Response the governments call to win the anti-viral battle

With work resumption drawing near, Dongfang precision respond positively to the government's call on "under the condition of prevention and control measures in workplaces, the government will offer policy support to companies' work resumption". The prevention measures are implemented actively. Before work resumption, the prevention and control committee set a rule of submitting daily report including checking where the staffs travel during holiday, daily health status report and return ticket information. Meanwhile, the staffs on duty during holiday were required to make temperature records for all people in company on book. The scientific isolation system are necessary to make sure the safety of each staff. To make sure on time service to customer, marketing employers launched home office program and help customers solve the problems in time.  

In order to facilitate the resumption of work, Dongfang Precision made detailed action plan under government’s guidance, the necessary steps were done including submission of required documents and on-site inspection by professionals, what we did to make sure resumption work in an order and safety manner.

Stand together through storm and stress to fight against COVID-19

Under the condition of severe epidemic situation and shortage of medical materials, To support the anti-viral frontline, Dongfang Precision take action to have the social responsibility. So far, the company has donated in amount 300,000.00 Chinese Yuan, 4500pcs of N95 masks, 2400pcs of FFP3 masks, 240 sets of protective suits and some disinfectants etc. to organization including Foshan Nanhai District enterprise listing promotion association, Foshan first people's Hospital, The Maternal and Child health and Family planning service center of Dawu County, Hubei Province, Lianyuan Red Cross Society.

In this battle of both epidemic prevention & control and works resumption, Dongfang’ strong enterprise spirits and beliefs will gather a huge energy to face the crisis. While the deliberate action plan is building a concrete safety shelter to fight the virus, let us together unite as one and go all out to win this tough battle.  

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Dongfang Precision Printer(Asia) No.2,Qiangshi Road,Shishan Town,Nanhai District, Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China. Dongfang Precision Printer(Europe) Via della Meccanica 10,40050 Argelato(BO) ITALY

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